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Dorset Home Choice

Bidding Cycle

Bidding Cycle

Bidding on:

Issue 324

closes Monday:

22 September at 11.59PM

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Housing Options

Housing Options

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Help & FAQ

Help & FAQ

Frequently asked questions about and the bidding process...

The size of property that you can bid for will depend on which local authorities within the partnership that you have applied to. Details of both schemes are set out below.

Dorset Home Choice Policy & Bournemouth Borough Council Policy - What properties can I bid for?

You can choose whether you bid for a flat, house bungalow or maisonette. The size of the property that you are eligible for is explained below. If you are unsure about the size of property you are eligible for, please contact your managing local authority partner.

Bedroom sharing is covered by the following rules:

Household members living together as a couple will be assessed as requiring 1 bedroom, unless there are exceptional circumstances.
Additional adults (defined as being 18 years old or over) living permanently in a household will require an extra bedroom.
Children that are of different sexes that are both under 7 years will be expected to share.
Children of the same sex that are both under 18 will be expected to share.

Please note: Individual partner housing provider letting policies or local planning policies may affect the size of households that may apply for particular properties. Any such restrictions will be included in the property advert.

We apply the following rules regarding property sizes.

Priority for Ground floor accommodation will normally be given to someone who requires level access on the grounds of age, disability or medical need.

In order to be eligible for bedroom spaces for children, the adult(s) must demonstrate that the child(ren) live(s) with them on a full time, permanent basis.


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